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My life experience has taught me that people can influence us, with or without intention, into becoming either the best or worst versions of ourselves, but ultimately the responsibility of who we choose to be in this world lies with us.

At some point we can no longer depend on our past to excuse our present or future circumstances, but pretending that our past did not affect us is no solution either. I've learned that I can heal the hurt I've carried around but it takes courage, a lot of courage, and someone you can trust to help you along the way, until you've dug down deep enough to access that strength within you. I've learned that asking for help is a beautiful thing because when you ask the right people, you are reminded that you are worth it. And I've learned that just because people don't help you, it doesn't mean you're not. It probably just means that they're caught up trying to deal with life too, and that's ok.

I've also learned that empathy is one of the most incredible tools, and in my experience also one of the most underused. My philosophy is that we all have a story to tell. Some of us get stuck in those stories and can't let go, some of us will do anything we can to keep those stories to ourselves, and some of us don't think our story is worth hearing, but those perspectives might be what holds us back from healing and moving forward. If any or all of this rings true for you, I invite you to share your story with me.



RPC, RYT 200


Vancouver, BC



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“Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become”