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Relationships allow us to reach our full potential

While relationships can be exciting and invaluable, they can also be incredibly challenging and it is ok to seek out support when it seems as though what you have been trying doesn't seem to be working.


Relationship counselling is not only for people who are romantically involved - any kind of relationship with another person can be difficult to navigate at times, and those other kinds of relationships are no less important.


Perhaps you are  wanting to work with a parent as an adult child or a longtime friend - whatever the case may be, if you are in a relationship with another human and think that it could benefit from the support of a third party, you have come to the right place.

If the other person(s) involved think it is worth it as well, schedule a free consultation by clicking below to see if we would all be a good fit for working together.


75 Minute Session: $190 + GST

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