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Self-Awareness is the Key to Freedom

I am honoured to be in a position where I can connect with people one-on-one and provide a safe space for them. I am a Level 1 trained IFS therapist and I work from a client-centered, trauma-informed perspective.

In my experience, people seek counselling because they want to feel better. We want to be heard, understood and validated in a world that sometimes seems like it might not be able to provide that for us.

Counselling allows us to spend time looking into the past to find the roots of the behaviours and thought patterns that aren't serving you in your daily life, and to find tools that can help move you forward.

I am an RCC in good standing with the BCACC 

75 Minute Session: $200 + GST

55 Minute Session: $150 + GST

One-on-One Counselling: Services
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