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RPC, RYT 500


I am a Registered Professional Counsellor in good standing with the Canadian Professional Counselling Association, a Level One Trained IFS Therapist, a Certified Life Coach and I have completed 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, including 300 hours of Trauma Informed Yoga Psychology Teacher Training. 

I am currently completing a Master of Counselling with City University 


When I consider what to share, I think about what it is that led me to this work, which is a combination of life experience, an innate sense of knowing, and a passion for both learning and teaching. 

I have been studying human behaviour my entire life, watching what others do and learning how to navigate the world in order to create a sense of safety for myself. It makes sense to me that it would become my life's work to take what I've learned and figure out how to offer it to those who are interested in learning. 

 I have come to understand that the challenges that I have faced were not because of some inherent flaw within me. In fact, many of the challenges that I faced were a result of the amazing things about me that didn't fit the narrative of who a female was supposed to be in this society.

I am grateful that my intuition was stronger than the voices of people who tried to quiet my values about how people should be treated, and how we should show up for one another.


We are social animals and leaning on each other is hard wired into our DNA. Much of my work is centred around relational trauma, working with people who have been hurt most deeply by other people. And yet, they have the drive to seek something more and the courage to reach out.

Often, we are doing the best we can with what we have been taught and, at some point, we come to the realization that how we are living is not serving us. Instinctually, we believe there is more available for us and that a more fulfilling life is possible *cue Ariel singing Part of Your World*

But seriously, I know that humans are resilient beyond logic because I have seen it time and time again. It is a privilege and an honour to hold space for, and connect with, people who have every right to never want to trust another person again.

While it is quite possible to live this life without others, we will never know the true depths of our awesomeness until we see it reflected in people we love and who love us in return.


Providing for others what I did not have is a huge driving force in the work that I do. Stemming all the way back to when I began volunteering with youth 15 years ago, which was a result of  reflecting on how nice it would have been to have when I was young(er).

Once I began working with groups of young people I wondered what things would have been like if I had adults facilitating discussions around topics that were so relevant to what was happening in my life at the time, and if it could have prevented some of the difficult things I went through.

And still, I remain grateful because my path has led me to be able to share my stories, knowledge, authenticity and compassion with others.

I am passionate about working with all people but there is a very special place in my heart for adolescents - who are often feared and misunderstood as if they were some  sort of exotic animal - when really they are often resourceful, intelligent, empathetic, and likely overwhelmed, and underestimated. 

I am privileged to work with groups of young folks through organizations like the YWCA, Face of Today, and Safeteen teaching workshops and holding space for important conversations and skill building.

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