RPC, RYT 500


I am a Registered Professional Counsellor in good standing with the Canadian Professional Counselling Association, a Certified Life Coach and I have completed 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, including 300 hours of Trauma Informed Yoga Psychology Teacher Training. 

I am currently completing my Master of Counselling with City University.


My Story

When I consider what to share, I think about what it is that led me to this work, which is a combination of life experiences, innate sense of knowing, and a passion for both learning and teaching. 

I have been studying human behaviour my entire life, watching what others do and learning how to navigate the world in order to create a sense of safety for myself, and as I got older, others. It makes sense that it would become my life's work to take what I've learned and figure out how to offer it to others if they are interested in learning. 

As a woman in this world, I have come to understand that the unique experiences I have lived don't translate to all others and as a result it is imperative for me to make space for each person who sits across from me to connect with their truth, and I leave mine at the door.

My Philosophy